"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Hi, We are an organisation devoted to providing health benefits through a system of kitchen healing.  We firmly believe that nature has nurtured us with all the ingredients required to heal any ailments. As by the words of Hippocrates 
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 


Control and Maintain Diabetes

Lose extra weight. Maintaining a balanced weight as per height is the first step towards a healthy anatomy.

Regular checkup and monitoring of blood sugar.

Ensure to get A1c blood tests to find out your average blood sugar for the last two to three months. Most patients with type 2 diabetes should strive for an A1c of 7% or below. 

Maintain and regulate carbohydrate intake. Consume high-fiber carbs, such as green vegetables, fruit, beans, and whole grains.

Diabetes makes heart disease more susceptible, so maintain blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight. Physical exercise helps reduce stress and control blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. 

Get enough sleep for about 7-8 hours. Sleep deprived people tend to feel more hungry and gain unnecessary weight.

Control and avoid stress. Excess stress can increase blood sugar levels. Try meditation and Yoga.

Finally visit a doctor on regular basis.

Tips on maintaining rough dry hair


Peel the skin of a ripe avocado and smash it. Make a paste with almond oil.

Wash your hair and apply the mask to the scalp and hair roots. Cover the head with a shower cap


After approximately half an hour, massage the scalp and hair roots with the finger tips
Rinse using a mild herbal shampoo.

Brinjal and Bitter Gourd Curry



  1. Scrape the skin of the bitter gourd and cut them in thick slices

  2. Put 1 tsp salt into it and knead it for at least 15 minutes. Squeeze out the liquid which gets formed.

  3. Cut the brinjals into about 1 1/2 cm pieces.

  4. Heat oil in a heavy frying pan, fry the bitter gourd over high flame, till the color turns light brown.

  5. Remove the gourd and fry the brinjals in the same oil, again over very high flame till it becomes slightly soft

  6. Take out the brinjals and in the same oil add some mustard seeds, cumin and fenugreek seeds .

  7. When they crakle, add the gourd and brinjals along with salt, chilli powder,turmeric, coriander, and amchoor and mix well.

  8. Light fry over low flame for about five minutes and serve hot.

Warrior Position Yoga



1. Stand Legs apart
2. Turn right with one foot 
3. bend the knee of the forward
4. Feel the muscle stretch

5. Stretch hands at shoulder
6. Hold the position and try 
     slow and deep breathing
7. Repeat wthe exercise with the
    other foot forward